speaking of jerks with a capital J

I’ve had a rough week both physically and emotionally. I said in my earlier post that I would blog (rant is more like it) about what happened, so here I am.

Suffice to say I’ve wasted an entire week making plans in good faith based on some people’s empty promises and lies. If only I had known that I was being given the runaround, I would not have subjected myself to all this trouble.

I especially hate it when people assume that just because I don’t work outside home, I have nothing else to do but sit at home and wait for their phone calls and be at their beck and call at a moment’s notice.

Yes, I’m tired of dealing with people who have no respect for me, my capabilities and my time. I’m tired of people who sit on their *sses high horse and spit out empty promises from forked tongues. I’m tired of people who think they’re high and mighty but don’t even have the common decency to apologize for having wasted your time and made you look like a fool. End of rant.

That, in a nutshell, is exactly how pissed I’ve been feeling. Have you ever met people who really, really make you fume? In fact, I was so pissed last night I slept like a log, woke up this morning, baked a blueberry cheesecake and made waffles. The way I was feeling, I just needed to focus my energy on something constructive, not destructive, know what I mean?!

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  • blinka.li

    ah, they always take for granted for us who work from home, thinking that we are just doing it PART TIME, our fees can be reduced for we don’t have overhead (yeah,we are just being smart by outsourcing!), bla bla bla… I am so used to it and am very careful now in selecting my clients. Rather not waste time!