temporary insanity

I always tell my kids not to take what’s not theirs but when I saw this pepper plant, something snapped. These yellow chili peppers are so cute and pretty!

chili pepper plant

And just look at how prolific this plant is! There must’ve been like 20-30 peppers on just this one little plant alone! Man, what do they use for fertilizer, horse supplements?

I swear those gorgeous yellow peppers were calling out to me. Thing is I’m not even a green thumb by any standards! I was shocked when I found myself rolling my eyeballs first to the left, then to the right ala the Pink Panther.

There were two security guards right across the hallway from me. Putting on my most innocent look, I paced a few steps back and forth. One of the guards started to walk away, the other turned to look at some people coming in.

YES! The coast was clear! I sheepishly reached out and ‘borrowed’ one of the peppers off the plant. Bad mommy! I swear my excuse can only be temporary insanity 😳 !

And those precious seeds? They’re now growing in my garden. I can’t wait to have my own blooming pot of yellow peppers. Woo-hoo!

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