no Valentine’s present this year

Happy Friday the 13th! Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. I’m not a huge subscriber myself though I think it’s nice to be showered with presents of love.

I remember being completely blown away when I received a Valentine card from one of my students. I was a teaching assistant on campus and he was blond and drop-dead gorgeous!! So you can imagine 😀 .

Okay, before I get carried away…

Every year, my daughters buy me Valentine’s presents from school. Yes, Valentine’s is a big thing in school these days. Of course, during my time, I couldn’t even tell the difference between posies and roses, let alone have a clue about Valentine’s Day.

Anyhow, I told the girls to save their money and not buy me anything this year since the gifts sold at school are getting more sophisticated and cost way above what a regular school kid can afford.

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