green with envy

I had breakfast with a girl friend this morning. We have breakfast regularly but I haven’t seen her since Chinese New Year. She’s been out of the country, as usual. I really envy her lifestyle. She is a swinging single, recently retired, and she has all the time and money in the world to, you know, see the world.

The economy may be bad, yet she can still afford to jetset regardless of how much air tickets, hotel rates or international travel insurance cost! So travel aside, what else are you up to? I asked her.

Guess what, she’s signed up to do a professional baking course. I’m freakin’ green with envy. Hey, that’s what I want to do! But I’m really happy for her. And for me too :mrgreen: . No doubt, it’ll soon be raining cakes and cookies and pastries at my front door!

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