mom of octuplets, is she crazy?!!

I wasn’t planning to say anything about Nadya Suleman, the Californian woman who had octuplets two weeks ago. But watching the videos of the interviews with this woman, I’m just shocked she went ahead and had a total of 14 children entirely for her own selfish reasons with little regard for how she’s going to raise them or how they are going to be affected developmentally.

Somehow I fail to be convinced by anything she says especially the part about it not being about the money and that she’s going to take care of the kids the best she can. Without a job? Without a home? She still lives with her parents, remember and her mom is taking care of her six older children all below the age of 8. I don’t know. Something about all that just doesn’t jive.

Alright, even if she’s indeed sincere about her love for children and a large family, I still don’t see how she’s going to cope with the economics of raising 14 kids. I mean, we all know how expensive it is to raise kids these days. All I can say is she sure is confident of her future for someone who is unemployed and a single mom.

For the sake of her kids, I hope she works out some realistic financials real soon! Seriously! So what do you guys think?

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  • Katherine

    You SO summed up what I’ve been thinking. I haven’t said anything about it except to my close friends. I’m a single mom – of 3 – and most days I’m more than ready to pull out my hair. If not for lack of patience, then for financial reasons. And she has almost FIVE TIMES as many kids? She is crazy. That isn’t even bringing up the fact of the economy, where even jobs at McD’s are in short supply. So tell me, how will she pay for daycare on minimum wage? Not only that, but one person can’t even legally watch that many kids at once. So without touching the developmental delays those sweet babies will probably have, what about the delays brought on by not having the resources to properly care for them?

    My mom would have had me committed when I was pregnant if I was her. Let’s face it – her mother isn’t young. She won’t be able to help care for all these kids.

    Ugh. The whole situation just…just…sends me into fits.

    Great post!

  • Nancy

    I think she’s got to be a bumpling idiot??!! I mean, seriosuly, what WAS she thinking??!! The sad part here is that all of these kids will suffer. ~ They didn’t ask to be born into this situation! And the grandparents in this case sound like they have already been taking care of all the other kids – they are definitely enablers here, and because they have BEEN such enablers, looks like now they will continueto HAVE to – unless this girl gives these kids up for adoption or something. A totally SELFISH thing she has done.

  • Lola

    She’s obviously not living in the real world. She was on Dateline (or one of those shows) Tuesday night. She claims she has no income right now and that she gets $490 in food stamps but that’s not government money. REALLY? She says she no longer gets disability money and the only money she has is student loan money. (Umm, isn’t that supposed to be used for school and not for raising 14 kids?)

    She says she plans to continue school for another year and a half and then work. Who the heck is going to take care of her children while she works? Does she have any idea how much childcare is? My kids are teens, I’m sure the rates have gone up since they were little. It was almost pointless for me to work and pay for childcare for 2 children. Even with sliding scale fees, how does she think she can pay for daycare?

  • clairity

    Yes, as it is, her mother has been so kind to help with the 6 older kids the way she has, and yet I don’t seem to hear a single word of thanks coming out of her in all those interviews!

  • clairity

    Exactly, between school, work and trying to make ends meet, how’s she even going to begin mothering 14 little kids? There just won’t be enough of her to go around 🙄 .

  • Beth

    I think she is in it for publicity. Three of her other children have disabilities, if you already had three that are disabled….why in the world would you risk that again? I think she is just selfish….and needs to lay off the botox.

  • Andrea

    I agree, I think this story is so sad. I hate when innocent babies have to pay the price for an adult’s stupidity. If she really cared about children then she would want what’s best for them and would have focused on the six she already has rather than getting implanted with 8 embryos!

  • Justin

    I watched her interview. What about the horrible lip job she had? Those things are huge! And 2 of the kids have developmental problems (Autism and ADHD). I guess we’ll be supporting her for a while. Keep paying your taxes.

  • Storm

    The woman is psychotic.

    I know, the psychotic housewife calling someone else psychotic. 😉 But I’m starting to think she’s taking it to a whole new level.

    I know what one costs plus paying back student loans and small medical bills. I can’t even begin to imagine 14 kids plus one heck of a medical bill (wasn’t she on bedrest for like 4 months in the hospital?) plus student loans, which must be high if she can pay for IVF with. Yowser!

  • Mom

    Honestly, I haven’t seen or read much about her. But I really think her biggest motivation is money.

    After all, a sweet little movie deal could come out of all this. And no doubt she’s being paid for those interviews. And there will likely be tons of free products from companies wanting to cash in on the free advertising.


    I thought it was merely for publicity. She is so young and she yearns for attention. Today’s STAR mentioned that she is living on taxes paid by others and the Californians are pissed off with her!! I wondered if the kids will grow up loving her or otherwise?