the more I exercise

walking on a treadmillI’ve been showing up early at the gym this week. Chinese New Year the past two weeks was my excuse for slacking even though I really wasn’t that busy at all.

First thing Wednesday, I jump on the scale at the gym. Not obsessing about my weight. Just curious since I’ve been such a slacker lately 😆 .

I peek at the scale just as I feel it sink under my weight. Whoa, 57kg (125lbs)! I jump on the treadmill next to my gym buddy and walk 3km while chatting away. I jump back on the scale after that and it says 56kg. Okay, whatever!

First thing yesterday morning, I hop on the scale and it says 56kg. Three km and an hour-and-a-half later, it says 58kg. Cute! The more I exercise, the fatter I get 😆 .

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