shopping, how my guys do it

I never have any problems shopping with my girls. But then girls are girls. With Steev however, it’s a whole different ball game. He leaves me to pick out the clothes and line them up in front of him for his approval.

You like this? Um, okay.

How about this? No, not really.

Sometimes not even that. He just lets me decide. We buy it and it gets relegated to the back of the closet where it never sees the light of day!

The last time we went shopping, he agreed he was going to pick out his own clothes. Guess what? We go to the first store. He heads to the racks, gives them the once-over, grabs a few things left and right, and heads for the fitting room.

The cute thing is he always wants my opinion. So I hover patiently outside the fitting room waiting for him to try on each piece and show me. Don’t get me wrong. I love doing this. very. much. It makes a mom feel needed, ya know 😉 . And I try not to think of the day when his girlfriend will be the one hovering outside the door instead of me.

I’ve digressed. At any rate, this is apparently how men shop. They go to the store, find what they want and pay for it. If the item fits (or their mom thinks it looks cool), they just buy the whole range of colors, that’s it.

Or at least that’s how dh does it. My men friends attest to it too. When I go shopping with dh, if I can’t decide on the color, he just tells me to buy all the colors. Men, they don’t muck around, they don’t waste time… shopping 🙄 ! Steev isn’t quite there yet but I’m sure he’ll get there soon enough.

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