music to my ears

Woo-hoo, my girls finally learnt to play their first song on the guitar. It’s been three months since they first started taking classes. Last night, when I heard them struggling to play Daniel Powter’s Next Plane Home, it was music to my ears 😀 !

Between the guitar teacher who mumbles, goes too fast and keeps disappearing during class hours and me constantly nagging the girls to practise, I’m thrilled we even got this far.

At one point, I was almost afraid they would lose interest. But those two are real troopers. They keep each other going even when it means sharing the practice!! See, they’re sitting arm over shoulder. Raine is strumming while Skye is pressing the chords 🙄 !!

playing the guitar

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  • clairity

    Yes, I’m thrilled and I just can’t wait to hear the next song 😉 .

    I don’t play the guitar but I will definitely get my kids to check out your site, thanks 🙂 .

  • Lee Ann

    I certainly know how great it is to hear a complete song played. My teen daughter has taken up the guitar and she insisted she could learn herself (and she has done surprisingly well). Her first song of choice was a Nirvana song and I would have to go listen to it online so that I could get it out of my head, otherwise I just walked around all day with the same part repeating over and over.