second day of Chinese New Year

After we had our hoi leen lunch to kick off the new year, we visited my favorite uncle on my side of the family. We have so much to talk about we spent the entire afternoon chatting and laughing over pots and pots of Chinese tea which my aunt kept refilling.

It’s funny, this uncle of mine used to treat me like a kid. To me, he’s the big man, very serious and worldly wise who has no time for petty talk and women’s gossips.

But over the years, I guess he must’ve discovered I’m not much good at the usual women’s chit-chat but prefer topics like business, politics and education. Maybe that’s why I have such a hard time fitting in with the ah soh‘s and aunty types.

At any rate, he and I talked up a storm while my other aunts and cousins indulged in their own conversations or listened in on ours. For such a serious guy, he sure has a surprisingly funny way of looking at things and he really cracks me up 😆 .

So that’s the highlight of my Chinese New Year. I’m planning to visit this uncle more often this year. I seriously enjoy talking to him.

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