and we’re off… into the Year of the Ox

Last night, our reunion dinner didn’t quite turn out as I’d planned. We had two older relatives along whom we invited to have dinner with us at the last minute. So all plans to go Western went straight out the window.

Plus the fact that Skye’s fever had just subsided the day before leaving her cough and cold behind. Her appetite was still weak and I don’t want her eating anything too heavy.

So Chinese it was… and we were prepared to drive around in circles since we didn’t have prior reservations. Lucky day, we managed to get a table at the third restaurant we tried. The food was super and we didn’t get ripped off.

Around midnight last night, I got the girls to help me fill my ang pows (red envelopes filled with cash). Raine did all the hard work this time, ang pow packets and cash strewn all over the bedroom floor, while Skye cuddled her pillows in bed and cheered her sister on.


This morning, dh rushed off to golf while we rushed off to the temple. The first day of Chinese New Year is vegetarian day for us with two simple meals of lor hon chai (a vegetarian mixed vegetable one-dish meal) and vegetarian ham.

vegetarian lunch

I turned down the invitation to meet up with the clan today. I don’t want to stress myself out the first day of the new year. I just want to have a quiet day with my family.

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