let the popularity contest begin

I actually thought I was going to have a stress-free Chinese New Year this time. I was just going to lay back and enjoy the lazy days with my family, visit a few tolerable relatives and go hang out at the golf club. Heh, who am I kidding?

Minutes before I could even step out of the house for our reunion dinner, the stress arrived. The Out of Town clan on my side of the family wants to meet up with the Local clan and I’ve been requested to show up.

Let’s put it this way, there are certain people I don’t want to see. But there’s always the nosy-parkers and self-appointed do-gooders who will try to arrange these massive get-togethers so they can watch the drama play out when those of us who loathe each other meet.

I’m a peace-loving person. A rebel at times, yes but harmless nonetheless and a little too nice for my own good. Over the years however, the peace in our clan has been shattered by a certain b*tch who’s been doing nothing but stirring up a whole lot of sh*t since she married into our family!

Enough is enough. I mean, festive occasions are meant to be a joyous time. All I want is to have a great time with my kids, ya know. The last thing I need is all this unnecessary stress of dodging backstabbers, taking sides and pretending to be nice to people who deserve a punch in the face, know what I mean 😉 ?

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