fever, cookies and reunion

Skye came down with the flu Thursday, fever, cough and running nose. Her teacher called to have me pick her up from school. She’s the only teacher I’ve ever come across in my kids’ school lives combined who actually takes the time and trouble to call the parents when her students are sick, and I really appreciate it.

I was hoping Skye’s fever would be gone in a day. Well, it’s the third day today and her fever was still on this morning. I didn’t have time to take care of her the past two days as I was rushing around ferrying the other two to/from school/college and getting stuck in those crazy traffic jams everywhere.

Guilty as charged! She’s such a sweetie though and has been taking her own temperature and drinking water and medicine herself.

This morning, I made her an ice pack, got her to guzzle lots of water and honey as well as drink her medicine. The days are crazy hot, hot, hot so I can imagine her discomfort. Her fever has subsided now (hope it stays normal) and she’s sleeping.

Raine and I were planning to bake some last-minute cookies this morning. Now it’s too hot to slave in the kitchen, so scrap that, we’d better stay cool and OD on water and vitamin C also. Our plans for the reunion dinner, well, that may have to change as well. I may be cooking a simple dinner tomorrow night instead of going out. We’ll see…

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