off to a flying start?

It normally takes 2 to 3 weeks for the kids’ school schedules to firm up and take shape. The first week is kinda laid back and sometimes I kid myself into believing that the rest of the school year is going to be that easy-going.

Well, it’s not! My girls got streamed and restreamed twice within the first 2 weeks. Skye started out in B class. Last week, she and some others were upgraded to A class which is a special class with better teachers and more intensive homework.

The restreaming in Raine’s form caused an upset with the parents and students because some of the smart kids got relegated to the lower classes and vice versa. Raine isn’t affected. She’s still in the top class which is now a ‘mixed’ class, of course, after the restreaming.

This week, they start extracurricular activities. As if the school can’t wait just one more week till after Chinese New Year to start. Every student must participate in 3 types of extracurricular activities plus sports practice.

Do the math. This means 4 after-school activities per week per child! Multiply that by 2 and that means, I have to ferry my 2 girls 8 times a week. Okay, maybe 6 times as a couple of activities are back to back on the same day.


On top of that, I’ve signed Raine up for 3 tuition classes this year. Being that she’s in Pure Science means she has 3 Science and 2 Math classes, all in English. It’s not surprising though that only her English teacher speaks intelligible English 🙄 !

You know what that means – I have to send her to tuition. I would teach her myself except I think those molten memories of my Math and Science classes are best left where they are – in the Black Hole 😆 !

Steev’s the only one having it easy. He only has classes 4 days a week this semester but I still have to pick him back from college. All of this essentially means my neatly handwritten schedule and the alarms I painstakingly set up on my PC and my PDA phone are screwed!

There’s no space to even slot in time to go to the bathroom 😡 as I’m in and out of the house every half hour on the hour. If there are any more surprises additions to my schedule after the new year, I think I might just have to retire from Mom’s Taxi and …

Harry Potter on the Nimbus 2000

… buy my kids a Nimbus 2000 each to ride to school, wakakaka 😆 !

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  • Elaine

    I can imagine how hectic that is. I am only experience the tip of an iceberg of yours and I am too lazy to key in everything single schedule in my PDA, rather scribble in on a diary manually (faster than poking the alphabets one by one) 😀