all set for Chinese New Year

Okay, the countdown to Chinese New Year is on. Let’s just say it’s not as big a deal for me as it is for some people I know.

Like they must have new clothes, new shoes, new handbag, new pyjamas, new underwear, get their hair done, their nails done, buy lucky dinglings and plants to decorate the house, bake and buy tons of festive food, book their tables at the restaurants way in advance of the festive meal extravaganzas, yadda yadda.

None of that for me. I take it all in a laid-back fashion! The kids and I bought some new clothes and trimmed our hair over the Christmas holidays but it wasn’t specifically because of CNY 😛 .

No new bags, pyjamas, underwear, shoes or pants for us though Steev needs a new pair of pants as he ripped his on some bushes walking down a narrow path near college. Probably buy them this weekend.

No red dinglings with lucky sayings or lucky plants. I won’t be baking any cookies either. The weather is too hot, so I’d rather not slave in the kitchen. I’ll probably end up buying a few tins of whatever’s good to crunch and whack them while watching a good movie at home.

My biggest haul last weekend was 3 boxes of mandarin oranges. Dh didn’t know and bought another 2 more boxes home 😆 ! I can so see us having mandarins for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next few weeks!

Speaking of which we’ll be avoiding Chinese restaurants like the plague for the 15 days of CNY. A girl friend of mine started this brilliant idea some years ago to save the group of us from getting fleeced for Chinese food with auspicious-sounding names.

I haven’t bought or planned anything for the reunion dinner. There’ll just be 5 of us. Dh doesn’t go back to his hometown and my folks are everywhere and doing their own thing, so it’s just us chickens 😆 !

We’ll be having our reunion dinner either at Friday’s , Chili’s or The Ship. We have to put it to the vote. On the first day of CNY, we go vegetarian so it’ll be something simple.

On the second day, we have our hoy leen, or first meal of the year. We usually buy yee sang (raw fish salad) back to complement our meal at home. I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to cook or if we’re going to go out for pizza or something. We have to put it to the vote.

Meantime, I’m just gonna take it easy, have some biscotti and fruit cake (courtesy of my good neighbor) over a cup of coffee and wait for CNY to roll around. Cheers!


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  • mommy to chumsy

    err…ya talking about me? 😆 i usually buy new clothes, get a haircut and decorate the home with red stuff 😉

    oh..we just found the place to have our Reunion dinner – at New York New York Deli in 1Utama. Hubs saw it on Sunday and was drooling…hehehehe

  • clairity

    @mommy to chumsy
    Don’t worry, you’re normal, I’m the one that’s wierd 😆 . Yep, we were checking out NY NY’s menu and it looks interesting. Let me know if it’s good, I’d like to try it sometime 😉 . We’re still deciding where to go for reunion.