uncle on the in-side

Twas another gathering with the in-laws last weekend. My favorite uncle on the in-law side is visiting from New Zealand and the clan was summoned to meet over a seafood dinner.

You guys know I don’t eat live seafood for religious reasons. This means my kids rarely get to eat seafood and so they aren’t big fans either. Naturally the in-laws thought it strange that we barely touched the food. But no one asked if we’d like to order something else in addition to what they’d ordered.

Anyhow the food isn’t what’s important. What’s important was that I got to spend some time chatting with my fave uncle and having some photos taken with him. He’s the only one in the in-law side who makes me feel at ease. I guess having lived overseas practically his whole life has turned him out rather different.

This is one of his very rare visits. I think I’ve met him less than 5 times in all the years I’ve known dh. The first time was when dh and I were still dating and according to dh, he couldn’t stop raving about me.

Thankfully I didn’t understand a single word of what he was saying so I was spared the big-time blushing big. But me, a looker? Come on! *sticks head under table* Wwell, okay, I admit I do resemble Jennifer Lopez from behind (read: butt-wise 😆 ) but apart from that, I’m just plain ol’ me, quiet and a little aloof.

At any rate, sometime over the years, he and I started emailing each other and you know, it’s really nice being able to talk to someone from the in-side! And I got to meet his daughter and son-in-law as well this time, so that’s a bonus. 🙂 . Hope to see you again soon, Uncle In.

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  • Mommy to Chumsy

    oh i didn’t know that you don’t eat live seafood. May I know why it is against a religion? Just curious 😀 Actually I don’t eat live seafood too….scared of contracting Hepatitis 😀

  • clairity

    @mommy to chumsy
    Oh it’s one of the 5 precepts in Buddhism which is to abstain from killing other living beings. We can eat chicken, beef, etc provided we’re not the ones that kill/order for the animal to be killed for our pleasure.

  • mommy to chumsy

    ahhh…i see. thanks for the info. i’ve heard that too from my sis but just didn’t get it about live seafood…hehehehee. she told me that even insects like ants, mosquitoes or cockroach cannot be killed 🙂 is that right?