what gives?

I’m getting the creeps. My neighbor’s DIL has been smiling at me every chance she gets. Smiling is normally not a crime but coming from her, it warrants question marks popping up over my head. I don’t know her. I hardly see her. And most certainly, I’ve done nothing to offend her.

Yet in all the years she’s lived next door, she has chosen NOT to acknowledge me (even when I attended her baby son’s fullmoon party at her MIL’s invitation). She has even taught her children not to greet me anymore (they used to when they were young and innocent!).

Recently, I was talking to another mother while registering Skye for secondary school. Suddenly she came bouncing up with a huge grin and cut in to say hello and lamely attempt some small talk.

I hadn’t expected to see her there. Neither had I expected her to be so friendly. So it took me a few minutes to figure out who she was and what she was doing there. Didn’t take me long to realize she’s registering her daughter too. Sweet!

From that day on, she’s been trying to smile at me from across the fence and her children are once again greeting me. Her eldest daughter, who is Skye’s age, has even ventured to wave at Skye and Raine at school the other day.

Yesterday I dropped Skye and Raine off at our house after school before rushing off to pick up Steev. I was in my car waiting for the girls to get in the gate before driving off. All of a sudden, I saw my neighbor’s DIL at the fence gesturing me to drive off, that she would keep an eye on my girls??!! Gah!

What gives??? Hmm.

Now that our kids are going to the same school, she probably wants me to drive her daughter to/from school. For the past 6 years, her MIL has been driving her 2 girls to school while she sleeps in. When her MIL comes home, she goes off to work leaving her toddler son in the her care.

All I can say is I find her smiles pretty disturbing 😆 . What do you think? What does she want from me? *shudders*

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