the Amazing Race

Skye, my youngest baby starts secondary school today. I felt a little emotional seeing her in her school uniform this morning. It seems like only yesterday when I was holding her little hand as we strolled to her kindy down the road. She’s the only one of my 3 kids that I sent to kindy myself so she and I have that special bond.

Last night, Skye asked if I was going to hang around to get her checked into her new school this morning. I said sure. Frankly I wouldn’t miss it for the world. But later, she assured me she’d be alright going in with Raine and that I didn’t have to wait around.

Oh no! But I wanted to. And my excuse was that I had to go pay their school fees anyways. So I stood for an hour at her school assembly amongst the eager, new parents, watching my baby as she stood in line to go to her new class and I’m feeling both proud and watery-eyed.

One thing’s for sure, the first day of school is always a crazy day no matter how old your kids are. Steev starts at his new college today but he had to go back to his old college to sell his books. It was crazy. The poor kids had to spread out their old books for sale on the pavement in the blazing sun.

Before he could sell off all his books, I had to pick him up early to be in time to pick the girls up from school. The first day of school turns parents into beasts on a rampage so you can imagine how the traffic screwed up my precision timing and I was super late getting to the girls’ school.

Well, I’m beat, we all are! I feel like I’ve just run the Amazing Race even though gladly I have no kids starting kindy or primary school this year. My blood pressure has shot up even more after hearing the first day stories from school but I’ll leave those rants for another post.

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