destress before school

I can’t believe school will be starting again! So soon? The school holidays kinda went at lightning speed. I’ve been hearing groans all week from the kids. They sound so much like me when I was in school.

But okay, I mean which kid doesn’t want to stay up late glued to their computers and not have to go to school? But once they settle into the school routine, after a week or so, they’ll be okay.

I will miss my kids when they’re at school – terribly. I love having them home and even though sometimes we’re all busy on our own computers, it’s good to know they’re around and we can chat and laugh (and watch videos, eh?) anytime.

So to cheer everyone up, we did some destressing. After we got Steev registered for his college classes, we went to Tony Roma’s for a destress lunch. It seemed to work and we all left there with our tummies happily full.

Then I pulled out some of our old photo albums that we haven’t looked at in ages. The girls got a big kick out of looking at our wedding album. It must be wierd seeing their parents look like statues 😆 .

So we’re off now to grab some last-minute groceries before the madness starts again tomorrow…

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    ahhhh, when i look at your blog, I am just so envy of you having daughters ler!! hahaha…schooling will still be a long way to go but kindy is just next year!! wow, he is just barely 3 years old by then since Jien is born end of the year!! Goodness, I really don’t know if he can cope with that!! 😛