reflections and hopes

And so we went to watch the fireworks last night to ring in a even better 2009! While waiting, the five of us whacked off 9 cups of Starbucks coffee *hic* and watched the movie, Transporters 3, on our HP Mini notebook!

2008 has been such an interesting and wonderful year for us I was actually sad to see it end. Looking back, let’s see…

Music made a smashing appearance in our lives beginning with our first, the Backstreet Boys, concert. Then the girls stumbled on Simple Plan (love ya, Pierre!) who brought out the budding guitarists in my girls. Now sweet music fills our home. You go girrls!

No surprises either that blogging is not only my passion now, it’s our official family obsession! Also the kids made the A Team many times and I’m one proud peahen mama!

It’s been a year of connecting, sometimes stumbling, sharing laughs, tears, hugs and kisses, and learning from each other. Thank you, babies, for your incredelicious support, for making me a better mom and for just being my kids, love y’all like crazy *muax*!

Resolutions? Nah but I’m sure I’ll make something up as I go along like reminding myself to be more like Fluffy (private joke 😉 !). Cheers! Don’t let all that gloom and doom talk get to you. Have a happy, safe and prosperous New Year! Rock on, yeah!!

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