the ugly cheesecake

By now, it shouldn’t surprise anyone how our weekends revolve endlessly around food. Something else I haven’t done in a long time, and which the kids miss a lot, is my blueberry cheesecake. My girls and I rarely have time to bake a cake together so what better excuse to turn the kitchen into a floury, buttery mess!

The cheesecake tastes great but the base didn’t turn out too well this time. My fault entirely. Seeing as how crazy grocery checkouts get on the weekend, I sent the kids to go line up first while I went looking for the digestive biscuits for the base.

Murphy’s Law cut in and the line started moving faster than ever. Either that or I got waylaid looking at other stuff. It happens 😳 . Anyhow in my hurry to get back to checkout, I reached out and grabbed the nearest pack of biscuits without even looking. Turned out it was greasy and made the base ugly and soft.

What do they say? Beauty is skin-deep. Well, this is it. It looks ugly but believe me, nothing tastes better than when it’s baked with love 😀 !

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    haha, i baked a cheese cake too!! And guess what? the base was lousy too, hahaha, the water sipped in and it was soft and yucky, I have to actually pan dry it on the fire!! wakakaka!! but as you said, nothing tastes better with the special ingredient – L O V E !! 😛