everything but the text books

I almost forgot that I still haven’t gotten the kids’ school books. The reason I put it to the back of my mind is because I’m not sure if the text book loan is still on for next year. It’s been strangely quiet and no one seems to know what’s become of the loan scheme. Is it on? Or should we buy books?

We’ve been buying school books till this year when they started issuing text books to all students, not just the needy ones as has always been the case. Since this is the first year, we don’t mind since the books will be brand new.

Next year, Raine will be using Steev’s old books and Skye will be using Raine’s if the same texts still apply. I only managed to get Raine’s book list at her school this morning while we were there to collect her pmr results (she scored 7 straight A’s, by the way 😀 ).

I’ll have to go back tomorrow to pick up Skye’s book list since they ran out today and the photocopier is down. The book store was crazy crowded today but at least I managed to buy all the exercise books, so that’s one thing off my mind!

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