snip, snip!

Raine and Skye got their haircuts yesterday. There was a new male stylist at the salon and well, Raine, the adventurous one, decided he looked like a safe bet. I had my fingers crossed behind my back the whole time!

He snipped away swiftly, almost a little too effortlessly from the experience culled from his salon job, no doubt. But teens are very particular about their appearance and with school only a week away, I really don’t need a disaster on my hands.

Well, the back of her hair turned out something like the Rihanna bob she’d always considered ‘ew, lame’!

I’d asked him to layer the back with wisps at the base but oh well, maybe I didn’t explain it too well in Chinese.

But no harm done. It’s nice and short and Raine was happy to try a different style from the one she’s been sporting.

“Whatever!” she said, “it’ll grow back pretty soon”. Whew!

I’m not real fussy about my hair either but in general, I think male hair stylists are more creative and so their cuts turn out more modern and less boxed-in. So even if the style isn’t quite what you want, it’s just never that bad.

Women hair stylists seem more conservative and hesitant about deviating from the norm, even when I sometimes tell them to do something drastic like leave one side longer than the other. I could be wrong!

How do you feel about a guy cutting/styling your hair? Have you had a male hairdresser? Were you happy with the way your hair turned out or did you have a disaster in your mirror?

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  • irel

    I actually had an experienced with male hairdresser twice! once in the Philippines and the one was in California. true they are more creative and stylish than girl hairdressers. The first one I had was unforgettable coz it was my first time to have a really short hair. it was kind of like Rihanna. the second one was nice too it was V shape layered. I think i like the male hairdressers but for now, i am laying low for short haircut!

  • Lola

    I’m more afraid of stylists who don’t understand my language, in this case english. One time I went to a major haircut chain for a haircut, a location I had been to before. I don’t know what language the stylist spoke, but as I explained my haircut (basically the same cut I had, but shorter), the woman nodded as if to say she understood. Then she began hacking away at my hair with scissors making me wonder if she was even a licensed stylist. After a few moments, she grabbed electric shears and started shaving hair off the back of my head. I yelled for her to stop and she did, but then she proceeded to continue hacking with the scissors. I left in tears and had the person who was with me go in and ask for the manager, as I wanted to make sure she wasn’t the manager. She wasn’t, so I went back in and the manager evened out my hair the best she could, but it was horrible. Now every time I go for a haircut I have to psyche myself up for it.