cute surprises on Boxing Day

Technically we don’t celebrate Christmas. No Christmas tree in our living room and obviously no gift-wrapped boxes to trip over, though I do occasionally scare the neighbors with my rendition of a Christmas carol or two.

But ’tis something about the holiday season with its giant Christmas trees and glittery mall atmosphere that compels people us to buy up the shops and eat too much even if it’s none of our business 😆 .

But hey, celebrating is good for the soul. We’ll find any excuse to celebrate 😉 ! Over the years, it’s become customary for me to prepare a Christmas meal of something that our family of picky eaters love to eat.

This year, we decided to drool over photos of our previous years’ roast turkeys instead of actually filling our kitchen with the aroma of a real turkey roasting in the oven. I’m boycotting the rip-off price of frozen turkeys which has gone up 3x over what we paid 2 years ago!

Instead I roasted a chicken and 3 drumsticks with mashed potatoes and brown gravy, roasted baby carrots, corn on the cob and garden salad with ham and 1000 island dressing. For drinks, we had blackcurrant juice with lychee. Delish! even if I do say so myself, muahaha.

Today is Boxing Day. We’ve been good and stayed home all of yesterday. This morning, we decided to drop in at dh’s office. I’m not sure what happened while Steev and I were at the cafe bar, but by the time we got back, the girls had obviously charmed their Daddy into taking us to The Ship for lunch.

At The Ship, a cute surprise came with our lunch. The waiter popped a little Christmas present in front of each of us! You should’ve seen the girls’ eyes light up! Off came the wrappers and… snow globes!!! Aww, too cute!

Confession, I definitely ate too much. Now I feel like a pumpkin but who cares 😆 ? What I wanna know is what you did on Christmas and Boxing Day? Come on, share!

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