in-law overdose (part 2, the conclusion)

The night of the wedding dinner of the year was a flurry of last-minute panic in our household (if you missed part 1 of the in-law overdose, you can read it here). If anyone didn’t know better, they would’ve thought me and the girls were getting married as we rushed around squeezing into little black dresses, swapping bras and accessories, and slipping on Cinderella’s shoes for size!

Steev and DH were speechless and resigned themselves to watching TV while they waited… and waited. It’s a major achievement that we even managed to get out of the house an hour early. We’re not into the local practice of showing up 1.5 hours late. We’re always early so!

At the fancy hotel ballroom, there were more long-lost relatives to meet, some of whom we’d not met at the two earlier events. One of them was my kids’ uncle who is a celebrity. Obviously with his superstar schedule, it’s rare that any of us gets to see him at all, let alone touch his toned bicep (which I did 😉 but I already washed my hand 😆 ) .

At school, my kids are used to their classmates drooling and fainting whenever our Family Celeb appears on TV. Yes, he’s quite the hunk and it’s quite incredible that Steev actually looks like him – ahem! I can handle it, my son looks like his uncle who is a hunky celeb. Wowowiwa!

Dinner was otherwise the usual circus of food and drinks, attended by people with titles to their names and diamonds in their teeth. Not to mention what a joy it is sharing a table with people who wash their chopsticks in the food, being very generous about giving others a taste of their saliva *gag*.

The highlight of the evening was when someone spilled my glass of red wine and didn’t even have the courtesy to say sorry or order me a new glass. I guess we’re just lucky the red wine didn’t splash onto my dress or Skye’s!

Let’s just say we’re people from different planets in that room that night. In-laws and outlaws aside, I wouldn’t say we didn’t have a good time though it’s always a relief to say thank you for a great evening and goodbye.

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