sailing back in time

I’m so happy we finally got around to taking the kids to The Ship. I’m always telling my kids about my life before they were born. I want them to know me as a real person, not just their mom.

And so for a year now, they’ve been hearing stories about The Ship and how DH and I used to go there “long ago”. There were several favorite places we used to have dinner at when we were dating, but The Ship is, of course, my favoritest steak restaurant from as far back as when I was a kid myself.

Well, everything about the restaurant is exactly as I remember it from the cruise ship decor to the arrangement of the furniture to the dim lighting. Loved the food then, love it now and I just knew the kids would love it too.

After lunch that day, we decided The Ship will be the new Friday’s where we’ll be celebrating birthdays, good grades and whatever excuse we can dream up to celebrate 😛 . Can’t wait to go there again!

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