back to school shopping, check!

We’re done with our back-to-school shopping, or at least that’s what I’d like to think. We usually do it after Christmas. Let’s face it, back-to-school shopping is a drag and there’s always more exciting shopping I’d like to get to first. Bad mommy 😆 .

But that’s not the only reason I delay doing it though. The first couple of years our kids were in school, we were so dumb kiasu (afraid of losing out) we bought everything right at the beginning of the school holidays in November. By January, the kids had outgrown their brand new shoes and we had to suffer another round of back-to-school shopping! That was crazy. No more of that!

At any rate, we don’t have much to buy this year. We’ve got more than enough white shirts and PE t-shirts and sweat pants including some of Steev’s old ones. The girls swear they look like bats when they wear Steev’s shirts which are way too large for them, the poor things. I’ll have to give those away 😆 .

Skye will be taking over her sister’s hand-me-down pinafores. I had her try them on and they fit, yay! So I only bought pinafores for Raine, new shoes for Skye and new socks for both of them. We had a look at the backpacks and they were either too childish or too friggin’ gimmicky and cut-throat.

My kids have been in school long enough that we’ve become much smarter now. The stuff they recommend to be good for kids, many times, those things are nothing but gimmicks. Anyways that’s that. Are you done with your back-to-school shopping yet?

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