playing tourist

This is funny, it feels like we’re on holiday somewhere, the way we’re going out every day from morning till night. Thing is we’re still very much in town 😆 with no place to go as Steev is stuck hanging out helping out at Dad’s office and Dad is too busy to get away.

But don’t worry, we really maxed out this long weekend and painted the town red like a bunch of tourists in our own city, bwahaha. Bintang Walk is a great place to play tourist. All you need is a couple of cameras and a lost look on your face and we were right in there with the touristy types.

We joined whole herds of pedestrians at the traffic lights waiting impatiently to dash across the street. Yep, it sure felt like we were smack in the middle of Tokyo. Pretty cool! Steev and Raine were snapping photos left and right. And we didn’t even have to pretend we were novices at dashing across busy streets. We are really that stupid 😛 !

I’m blogging from Morgan, my night-time PC so the photos’ll have to wait… patience!

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