letting kids out with their friends

Raine watched Twilight last Thursday with her friends and Skye watched it Sunday with her friends from school. It was their first time out with friends on their own.

Even then, I walked the girls to the cinema, making sure they got their popcorn and got in before I went to hang out at the mall for two hours and meeting them back at the cinema later.

In Skye’s case, it was a supervised trip as one of the girls’ mothers went with the whole bunch of 12-year-old’s, and of course, that made me feel a whole lot better.

I know these days, it’s a trend for kids to start going out on their own from as young as 11 or 14. Many parents are comfortable dropping their kids off, or even letting them take a taxi, to meet their friends or to go on unsupervised out-of-town trips even.

I’m not.

I know my kids have to put up with peer pressure from their friends sometimes. They’ve had their friends asking why they’re not going when even so-and-so’s parents, who are supposedly stricter than some others, are allowing her to go.

My answer is simple. Yes but I’m not so-and-so’s mother and she’s not my daughter so I can’t speak for her. If her parents think it’s okay, fine. If you really want go, I’ll wait for you at the mall till you’re done.

I listen to them, then we discuss it but they know that the condition is I want to be around. How do you handle your kids going/wanting to go out with their friends? What age do you consider to be okay? What rules, if any, do you set for your kids?

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  • Lola

    I hate this trend! It’s so expensive! I have a 13 year old son and a 15 year old daughter. They started this movie going thing at the beginning of this school year. The first couple times I went with my daughter. Yes I’m overprotective of her, but she’s got mental health issues so I don’t treat her like a 15 year old because she doesn’t act like one. I gave up the going with her to the movies when she wanted to see “High School Musical 3”. No way I could sit through that. It’s also so incredibly expensive. The last time I went with her I think I dropped $35.

    My son goes with his guy buddies. I drop the kids off at the show and another parent picks up the bunch of them and they hang out at one of the friends playing video games until 10pm. It’s a nice little vacation for me. lol! Except for when I’m the pick-up Mom and I have to bring them back to my house for video games.

    Our movie theater is a stand alone theater in the middle of nothing, so I don’t have to worry about them hanging out at the mall or walking anywhere.

  • LeahsFrog

    I know what you mean, I still shelter my 11 year old son with my loving wings, LOL. He does not go anywhere without me being within the general shouting distance, it is just too scary to let them go before they can fend for themselves.

  • clairity

    It can get expensive, that’s one thing but I’m more worried about their safety. It’s good if they go to someone’s house where there’s less of a risk of them getting into trouble.

    Yes, important that you have to be comfortable with who and where they’re going.