bad day!

Today has not been a good day. Top that off with the fact that it’s Monday. Not my favorite day of the week either. This is a long post. I really need to rant!

My kitchen faucet decided to spring a leak last Saturday. The plumber came, took a look, drew me a picture and asked me to go buy a new faucet myself. It’s cheaper, he said, plus the fact that my current kitchen faucet is a mixer with a retractable hose which cost me rm1k many years ago, so “better that you go choose what you like”.

Of course, with these things, it’s never as simple as it looks. I’m very scared of walking into the store and seeing 100 different taps with 100 different features and trying to decide, with my zero knowledge of taps, which one is the correct one that will fit my sink. Luckily the sales lady was nice and said she’ll exchange it or refund me if it doesn’t fit. So that gave me the courage to go ahead and buy it.

Well, today would’ve been a good day if I’d bought the right faucet. But the plumber said the base is too small and that it won’t fit snugly into the existing opening. So I agreed to go exchange it. Except the store didn’t have taps with a wider base. So I asked for a refund and ended up driving all over the countryside trying to find the nearest bath and kitchen store.

Yep, found one and since I was in a hurry and the area is a parking hell, I just parked along the kerb like everyone else. The wholesale guy told me the only taps with wider bases are the ones that come with retractable hoses. I needed the retractable hose previously when my kids were little and couldn’t reach the water to wash their hands. But I don’t need that now.

Five minutes later, I came out of the shop empty-handed, walked to my car across the road and found a ticket for illegal parking stuck to my windscreen (along with all the other cars’ on that kerb). WTF! What pisses me off is that I’m one heck of a law-abiding citizen and this is one of the extremely rare times that I’ve parked my car illegally.

And only because the plumber was waiting at my house and calling me every 10 minutes saying to hurry up, he needed to go to his next job. I told him what the wholesaler said and guess what the plumber said. Never mind lah, bring back the first one you bought lah, I will fix it for you.

OMG, that was it! I snapped!! I totally lost it!! If he freakin’ could’ve fixed it, why did he send me on a freakin’ wild goose chase??? I was so pissed I told him to go and come back later. I needed to go back to the first store and buy the same tap AGAIN! In the first place, he should’ve supplied the tap and charged me for it 😡 !!

So now I have a ticket for illegal parking, no tap and no water supply to the house as I had to shut off the mains when he dismantled the faulty tap!!! Grrrrrr!

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  • NanjoDogz

    Take a deep breath, get in a hot tub and know that this too shall pass. If that doesn’t work have a margarita — or better yet get one before you jump in the tub 🙂

  • Lisa C.

    OMG!!!! That was my Sunday… NO JOKE… lol.. You and I must be on the same wave length girl… shake it off, Take a deep breath and shake it off… We’re still trying to recuperate from ours… 🙁