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While Steev went with his Dad to the office for his first taste of working life, the girls and I stayed home. Later we went to pick up Steev from the office and decided to have dinner out. Since it was raining, DH suggested we ate at the same Korean restaurant where his colleague was buying dinner. I tell you, it was deja vue.

Years ago, when the kids were about 5 or 6, we ate there once and swore never to go back. I remember being very uncomfortable with the barbecue pit and the waiters constantly moving around us with hot plates, scissors and boiling soups. I mean, who knows, anyone could end up scalded or stabbed 😳 ! So I made the poor kids sit like statues.

Well, the food hasn’t changed from what we remember. It still sucks big time!! Little plates of ikan bilis (anchovies), Chinese cabbage, radishes, onions and cucumbers, chewy, indigestible beef and lamb, and rice cakes (didn’t look like rice cakes to me) in a blood red sauce.

See, this is when we first started:

Everything tasted rubbery and flat. The green tea was so diluted it looked and tasted like liquid moss. Half the time, we didn’t know what we were eating. See, this is when we were done. We hardly ate and the dinner cost a bomb!

With each mouthful, the kids were going like “Mom, I’m going to wreck my dentures if I keep chewing this 😆 ” or “mmm, this tastes better than my eraser”. We giggled and laughed so much people probably thought we were nuts!

The strangest part was diners were streaming in continuously, and my kids were shaking their heads and going, “you guys don’t know what you’re in for!!” Thing is some of the most-raved-about restaurants are consistently the ones that serve some of the worst food (in our books, of course).

On the way home, the kids went “Can you go to McD for dinner now please?” So that’s where we ended up. No more blowing big bucks on Korean food till we learn to appreciate it.

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    strange…but me and hubby love Korean food-especially the beef. There are some nice ones at Desa Hartamas and also at Star Hill. Hmmm, i wonder u went to the same one? ooooo…………