prom night

I’ve just dropped Steev off at his college prom at a six-star hotel, no less! Yes, isn’t it grand how kids, who haven’t even started making their own money, are dressed to the nines, dining and dancing the night away at an event that cost their parents a freakin’ 100+ bucks per head!?!

At around this time last year, Steev’s secondary (high) school prom was also at a hotel and it cost us another small bomb! Money doesn’t grow on trees, ya know and I wish the schools and colleges would impress that on our very materialistic generation of kids instead of leading the way.

Steev is hardly the party animal and he doesn’t really care if he goes or not. He just gets a big kick out of playing photographer. As for me, I get a big kick out of seeing my son looking all grown up in his father’s tie and dress shoes 😆 !

Tonight he let me kiss him on the cheek when we stepped out of the elevator at the hotel ballroom. I was pleasantly surprised when he bent over and offered his cheek. Normally I’d just squeeze his arm so as not to embarrass him in front of his friends.

But hey, tonight’s kiss was nice, it gave me a warm feeling. There’s my son, bigger and taller than me now but still my baby 😀 .

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One Comment

  • Angie Atkinson

    Aww…you made me cry! My oldest son is eleven, and just about taller than me. I’m still lucky to have a few of those sweet moments…and I can definitely empathize with your final thought. You did a wonderful job painting a picture of that beautiful mother son moment. Great post!