5A’s, not for sale

Well, that’s it, my baby is finally done with primary school! We collected her upsr results from school yesterday and I just came back from her school’s prize-giving a short while ago.

Eighty-nine students from her school took the exam and she’s one of the 17 who got straight A’s. We’re so proud of her. You should’ve seen her big old grin when her brother and sister congratulated her, such a baby, goo-chi, goo-chi.

Skye only took one tuition class but she’s very disciplined and does her work without me having to sit on her all the day. I just cook all the good food and make sure she’s well-fed 😆 .

We’ll be going out to celebrate (more food, gah!!) and she gets to choose where she wants to eat. My kids don’t get any monetary reward for their achievements. Instead they have to make do with intrinsic rewards.

Our policy, they work for those A’s because they want to do well, for themselves, for their own future, not because they’re going to get paid for them.

So no selling those A’s to us, we ain’t buying. No X amount of money multiplied by the number of A’s they score. Well, maybe just a teeny-weeny gift to make them happy although Daddy tends to get carried away sometimes 😆 .

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