the new and improved guitar Teach

The girls have been counting down the hours to their guitar class, and meeting the new teacher, of course. We had no idea who he was or if he was going to be meaner than Mr Mean Goat himself *shudder*.

Well, I’ll let Raine and Skye tell you, in their own writing words (unedited):

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Raine, my 15 year old:

He’s better than stupid cranky old Mr Mean Goat. He’s an okay sorta guy who doesn’t keep asking stupid irrelevant questions and he doesn’t smirk nastily at us when we do the wrong thing. Plus, he can really play the guitar and he didn’t make us play stupid baby games.

Except.. he went a little too fast. He was like, “Okay, E minor is here. C is here. No, this way. Now G chord. This finger over here. This second finger on this string. And now D for donkey.”


I felt like I was in an advanced program going 150miles per hour. And my poor fingers were switching from chord to chord like some freak and at times I didn’t even know which finger I was using. I thought my first finger was the third and stuff like that.

Boo hoo. Gonna have to ask him to slow down to above snail pace.

Skye, my 12 year old:

Newt (new teacher) is alright, I guess. He asked a few questions and started the lesson. He taught us the E minor chord, C chord, G chord and D chord.

He went too fast. Well, at least, he didn’t laugh at us like Mr Mean Goat or go, “See! Hah! See!”. He just told us if we were wrong and corrected us.

Newt played some songs when teaching us. :roll: But I was hardly interested in that because I was busy trying to correct my fingers and ignore the lines on my fingers. It hurts but I guess it’ll go away. Sooner or later.

Back to the point. He didn’t even mind when we asked him how to place our fingers for whatever chord that is for the hundredth time.

Psst! Newt said we could play some songs in a few weeks.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So I’m happy and the girls are happy. Sore fingers aside, it looks like they’re still as enthusiastic as ever. It’s happy days and I’m looking forward to hearing some funky music soon 🙂 .

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