WTH kind of guitar teacher is he?

First thing this morning, I grabbed the girls and the classical guitar and headed straight back to the store.

I spoke to one of the staff (not the girl from last night) and right away, she agreed to let us exchange our classical guitar for an acoustic.

Wonderful! She showed us a few but we zoomed in on this one. It’s a Yamaha, very light woody color which is far more cheery than the maroon one from last night.

There was a really nice older man at the store too who threw in a discount and free picks for us. Not bad, huh?

This guitar cost me a hundred plus dollars more than what I paid for the classical guitar.

Just as Mr Nice and I were sorting out the payment for the price difference, Mr Mean Goat, the guitar teacher walked in.

Noticeably shocked at seeing us there again so soon after the first lesson last night, he asked what the problem was. The staff explained to him and right away, he blew his top. He ticked us off for being so disrespectful as to sneak back in and exchange the guitar he had recommended with one of our choosing.

In doing so, he barked, we were doubting his competence as a teacher, bla-bla-bla… He went on barking like a mad dog whose tail is on fire, and just before he marched back in, he made it clear he no longer wanted to teach my girls!

Well, alleluia, and let me tell you one more thing, Mister, if you want people to respect you, you’d better start earning it! Can you even believe this guy?!!!

We signed up for the acoustic class, not the classical that he was trying to force on us, and us exchanging the guitar has no bearing on his competence as a teacher at all. Well, now it does!

Come to think of it, he’s not fit to be a teacher if he blows up like that! And I’m glad he won’t be teaching my girls any more because he’ll likely kill their interest in guitar-playing forever!

Mr Nice was apologetic afterwards and immediately arranged for my girls to work with another teacher. From his expression, I could tell it’s not the first time Mr Mean Goat has blown his top with his students.

I think they should just fire Mr Mean Goat before he chases all their students away with his arrogance and unreasonable behavior.

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  • The Hawg!

    Good for y’all. I started out with a Fender Telecaster, learned some basic chords, then chord progressions, then barre chords and then a few leads. It seems to me that a classical guitar is a bit intimidating — you’re asking people who know nothing about the guitar to learn a bunch of complex finger picking right out of the gate.

    The best lead guitarists out there, on the other hand, started out as rhythm guitarists and worked their way up — getting the basics down first is important and it’s far more rewarding to learn some chords and how they work together, getting excited about that and then moving up, see?

    Sure, those steel strings are a bit painful at first, but those fingers will toughen up.

    Good luck on the lessons!

  • Carol

    Wholly snot! Yeah, get a different teacher for sure.

    AND always remember that musicians tend to carry a little bit of hyper-ego-inflation, regardless. So, some things to do need to be overlooked and forgiven, even if they do rub you wrong.

    That guy is beyond extreme, though. They must be hurting for teachers if they keep him on staff.

  • clair

    @the hawg
    The girls say they’re prepared for the callouses, I still haven’t heard any complaints yet but I’m sure I will 🙂

    I just hope the new teacher will be better. We’ll see.

    @mommy to chumsy
    Actually I was nicer to him than I should’ve been 🙁

  • blinka.li

    i think he loves classical guitar better than acou.ones and as a musicians, he tried his best to ‘lead’ you to learning one..But music can’t be forced eh!