first guitar lesson

The girls were all excited, couldn’t wait for their first guitar lesson tonight. We got there a full 15 minutes early with high hopes!

The teacher picked out a classical guitar for us on the premise that the nylon strings would hurt less. At that time, I had no idea it was a classical guitar.

It was all hastily done because we were already 20 minutes into class time. No time to think, no time to ask questions. He said that guitar was what we needed and I just took his word for it.

Over dinner later, the girls were telling me how they didn’t quite fancy the teacher because he’s mean and tried to make them look stupid and laughed at them when they made mistakes.

I agree the teacher had struck me as less than friendly and had a certain bitterness about him that could’ve resulted from being locked up in that music room too long! Nonetheless, I comforted the girls by saying maybe he didn’t mean it, bla-bla-bla and that it’ll be okay.

Then of course, it was only when Skye questioned why we’d bought a classical guitar that it made me realize, OMG, didn’t we sign up for the acoustic class? Isn’t that what the nice lady told us the other day? So why did Mr Mean Goat make us buy a classical guitar?

After dinner, we doubled back to the store to reconfirm. Mr Mean Goat had left so we spoke to one of the staff who told us, no worries, there’s no difference between a classical and an acoustic guitar. Huh?

We did some research on the internet later and of course, there are differences! Duh! True, a classical guitar has nylon strings which are easier on the fingers but it also has a wider neck and a more mellow sound.

The acoustic guitar, on the other hand, has steel strings, a pick guard under the sound hole and more of an upbeat sound which would be perfect for pop music.

That just says one thing. We most likely got conned – firstly, being made to take a classical guitar class and buying a classical guitar when we signed up for acoustic; secondly, being told all guitars are the same when they’re not!

Okay, so it looks like we may have trouble on our hands! Frankly, I was more concerned about the girls’ feelings about the class than having bought the wrong guitar.

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