my kind of hyperactive

Last week was definitely my kind of hyperactive. I met a lady at the Jusco Sale grocery checkout as we were both complaining about the long lines and who later turned out to be the mom of Skye’s classmate. So that made for a morning of interesting chit-chat.

Right after I got home from the sale, I started feeling warm and achy-breaky all over. It couldn’t have been over-exercise because I’m so conditioned I don’t feel the muscle aches after my workouts any more.

As the afternoon wore on, my temperature rose and rose… till over 100 degrees. Between OD’ing on vitamin Cs, I drank a cup of hor yan hor in between, plonked an ice-pack on my head and went to sleep.

I jumped out of bed next morning, chirpy as the birds outside my bedroom window. The fever was completely gone and I was off on my taxi runs.

Friday morning, my girl friend from California was in town and I met her for a coffee and a two-hour chat. DH had promised to pick Skye up from school but he was stuck in a meeting so I had to cut short our visit and rush back. Duh!

Saturday morning, the girls convinced me to go to a book sale. Frankly I’m not keen on MPH book sales because their discounts are pretty miserable. We ended up with just a few books, enough to keep my bookworms off the computer for a few hours.

We were constantly out over the long weekend because we had so many free food coupons to finish up before they expire today. Free burgers, donuts, pizza, fruit juice, latte… no purchase necessary so what the heck!

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