acoustic it is!

As you know, the girls want to learn to play the guitar and we’ve been wondering if they should try to learn it on their own or go for lessons. Well, we finally got them signed up for lessons after checking out two music schools.

The first school we went to is a very small store tucked away in a corner of a mall. They have music rooms in the back where they conduct lessons.

The lady was really nice and took the trouble to explain which class the girls should take.

Classical guitar involves mostly plucking (or was it picking?) which is more technical, and the electric guitar, well, it’s not for beginners.

With the acoustic guitar, the emphasis is on rhythm and chord and involves strumming. So it’s more suited to those who are learning for fun, for singing along to and as an accompaniment to other instruments.

I’m not sure if I got all this right 😆 but I think this is roughly what she said, just before I fell asleep on my feet, she was just going on and on.

The second school is a much larger store and much more established. But they seemed more interested in getting us to sign up than to answer our questions about which course would be more suited to beginners.

The old man, who strikes me as an overzealous money-face, kept shoving the registration forms in my face and trying to elicit a response from me in Mandarin.

I tried my darnest to look intelligent but I had no idea what he was blabbing about most of the time 😆 . Sadly Mandarin isn’t my forte.

But the choice was pretty clear even from the start. We picked the first school, hands down. It’s small, it’s personal and I liked that they explained things to us and helped us decide which class to take.

So here we are, all set for the big day – first day of class 😀 !


  • Carol

    Yay! You’ll do great. BE PATIENT with yourselves. It will take time and practice. The fingertips on your left hand will build callouses, but that takes time, too. You will be able to play any song out there, but that’s going to take even more time. Keep working, practice every day, and let us know how things progress.