quiet days, crazy nights

We had a quiet, kinda low-key week because Raine was busy with her pmr exam. I don’t know how she does it but she wasn’t the least bit flustered or nervous as she flipped through the pages of her book lazily with one hand.

How can you study when you’ve got an MP3 perpetually plugged into your ears? How can you remember anything with that music blasting right into your brain?

I can, is her smug reply, and I don’t blast the music the way kor-kor (older brother) does, Mom. Wokay, I’ll just hands off for now and see how you do in the exams.

Like I said, I’m usually the nervous one during exam time. But I’ve gotten less so with practice. So yeah, we had a low-key week with boring, low-key meals and quiet, humdrum days.

The nights were far from quiet though. Just before bedtime every night this whole week, Raine and Skye ‘force-fed’ me Simple Plan videos and songs till I’m now hopelessly in love with Pierre 😆 .

So hip moms, this is now my latest favoritest song, courtesy of my two girls. Love you, Pierre *muaks*

Um, just between you and me, I can’t believe this is all happening during exam week 🙄 .

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