a typical Friday, don’t try this at home!

I don’t take kindly to people saying that moms who stay at home have nothing better to do than paint their nails or go shopping all day.

To all the friends, ex-colleagues, even family members who think, and sometimes even say it out loud to my face, yes, you guys piss me off.

But I’m too tired to pick a fight today. Instead, I’m going to list out what I did yesterday to give you a taste of what a typical Friday for a mom of 3 teens is like.

Warning: Do not try this at home. This is extremely hazardous to your mental and physical health and may mess up your simple mind.

5:00AM – Alarm clock goes off. My mistake, I clicked the wrong alarm setting on my PDA phone. Try to get back to sleep. Couldn’t. My mind just keeps going through my schedule for the day.

6:00AM – The usual breakfast rush. DH drops off the kids, then comes back to pick up his luggage for a business trip.

7:40AM – Work out at gym for 1.5 hours.

9:15AM – Home to change out of my gym shorts and pick up some stuff to go to the bank. Banks are what I consider hostile zones, gotta cover up. I don’t want the men at the bank to drop dead from heart failure seeing me in my gym shorts.

10:05AM – Wait in line at the bank, only to realize I’m at the wrong branch. OMG, what a waste of time!!

10:40AM – Second in line at the right bank but just how long does it take to withdraw a few measly dollars and update a savings book?

11:15AM – Do some quick shopping at Tesco while waiting to pick up Skye. Tummy growling like crazy since I didn’t have time for my second breakfast after gym.

11:45AM – Wait at Skye’s school, munching muruku to keep from fainting from hunger 😆 .

12:10PM – Set Skye to make her own ham sandwiches while I have a quick shower. Been stinky since gym 😆 .

12:30PM – Rush out to pick up Raine from school.

12:50PM – Finally get to have my two ham sandwiches and a cup of tea. Then go online to quickly check my emails and read a bit of news.

2:30PM – Rush to pick up Steev from college and then head straight for DH’s office downtown to pick up something. Luckily I packed two curry puffs and a bottle of iced water for Steev because he has irregular lunch times depending on class breaks. Reach home at 4:00PM.

5:00PM – Send Raine to tuition in the pouring rain. By the time I drop her off, it’s storming so badly I decide to wait outside her tutor’s house instead of driving all the way home.

I spend the time crunching almonds in the car and making phone calls home to get Steev and Skye to turn off the modem and to look in the fridge for something to eat if they’re hungry.

8:00PM – Finally we’re home after one whole hour in the massive traffic jams everywhere. I needed to go to the bathroom badly and had been holding my poor bladder till I was going to burst!

I have not prepared dinner. Earlier I’d promised the kids we’d go out for a quick burger for dinner. But by the time I get home, I swear nothing was going to make me go out again. So we end up eating sandwiches again since it was too late to cook!

This has been a long post just as it had been a long day yesterday. But I still say this beats working in some cushy office getting paid to do practically nothing all day except drink coffee, socialize and surf the net in air-conditioned comfort!

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