jackfruit ahoy!

Yet, got this nangka, or jackfruit from my aunt who came back from Penang recently, and it’s the closest thing to heaven. Yummm… the fruit is sweet and soft. And the best part is two days after stuffing myself silly, there’s still this divine fragrance on my fingers.

Hmm, that lingering nangka smell. Who needs perfume? I tell you, if I had room in my non-existent garden to grow a nangka tree from this seed, I’d do it in an instant.

I used to buy nangka on a stick from the fruit stall nearby when I was working. There was a time I went completely nuts over deep-fried nangka… well, okay, I’d better not get started or I’ll have drool all over my keyboard and that won’t be cool at all 😆 .

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  • blinka.li

    only last week i ‘saw’ the difference of nangka and cempedak. Apparently the fried ones are cempedak (softer) and the one we normally eat fresh is nangka…gosh!!

  • clair

    @mommy to chumsy
    You too?? Oh is that why I’ve been burping so much?!!! 😆

    I confess I don’t know the difference between nangka and chempedak. I actually just assumed this is nangka.