a homey kind of break

You know what’s been refreshingly different about this week-long school break?

We stayed home more than we went out. On a couple of days, we only went to the gym or out for a quick breakfast, came back and didn’t go out again. This is quite strange for us.

Part of it has to do with Raine’s exams which are coming up in a week so she needs to act busy and look like she’s studying really hard so her mom won’t get all jittery and worried 😉 .

The other part has to do with me trying to impress on the kids that with the weakening economy, we must all try to cut back and be more aware of our spending. A good real life lesson for them anyways.

So what have I been up to if we haven’t been going out? Yes, cooking up a storm in the kitchen. I cooked this big pot of chicken curry to go with bread or rice.

I also made different kinds of pasta and roast chicken with potatoes and salad.

I like cooking without the rush which is not something I get to do very often. I’m always putting meals together in a hurry. So this laid-back cooking was kinda nice 😀 . We must do this more often.

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