husband or son?

Me and the kids were hangin’ out at Carl’s Jr this morning, mindin’ our own business when two people walked in. We looked at them and almost simultaneously went, “is that her husband or her son?”

Thing is I couldn’t tell. Neither could my kids. Strange how, for those first few moments when they walked in, all of us had that same question running through our minds.

Steev insists it’s her husband. Raine says it’s her son. Skye says it’s her son. And I say it’s her son. There was no way her husband could look so much like a kid. On the other hand, he could well have been someone blessed with boyish looks.

We argued back and forth as they walked back and forth refilling their drinks.

Husband, son, son, son. Husband, son, son, son!

Why don’t we go ask them, Skye suggested. 😆 Kids! But there was really no way to tell. We tried not to stare. We didn’t want to be rude.

They’re about the same height. He was wearing a t-shirt and khaki shorts, and sneakers with no socks. Standard casual garb for a teenager. Yet, grown men often dress like this too.

She was wearing a t-shirt and jeans with low heels, black-rimmed glasses and barely any makeup. She did the ordering and paying. They didn’t talk much. He just followed her around quietly like a puppy dog.

We still don’t know. It was none of our business but it kept us entertained all through lunch.

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