we need a simple plan for learning the guitar

My girls want to learn to play the guitar. I’m both amused and excited.

Amused because they’ve been making me watch Simple Plan videos every night till I’m blue in the face… (not hard to guess where their inspiration is coming from).

Excited because I’m thinking it’d be fun to learn it with them.

I’m a piano dropout myself, not proud of it but I got all the way up to Grade 5 practical and Grade 7 theory.

I’ve done practically nothing with the piano since then. That’s why I’ve never pushed the kids into music or ballet classes.

It’s pointless making them learn something they’re not interested in or have no use for, simply for the sake of keeping up with the herd.

But since the girls have expressed an interest in the guitar now, we’re kinda thrilled. It’d be great.

Question is how difficult is it to start from scratch? I know of many people who’ve learnt it on their own without formal lessons. Should we try to learn it on our own, or should we take up guitar lessons?

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  • blinka.li

    Guitar as in electric guitar like the one shown here? kekeke You really hip la !! 😛

    btw, i knew of a few self learned frens and there are quite good. Unless you want to be a professional la or you are lack of discipline, then go for lessons, PAY for it! hehe

  • Carol

    I taught myself to play rhythm guitar (chords, no lead) when I was 12 years old. I had about 7 solid years of piano behind me at that point, which helped, but yes – it can be done. But you have to want it REALLY badly.

    My suggestion is that you talk with guitar teachers about the three of you taking lessons together. It will be lots cheaper (and less time consuming for Mom) than each of you taking individual lessons. The drawback there is the sharing of instruments. If the instructor has a couple guitars you can borrow for class, problem solved and you can take turns practicing at home. BUT you won’t get to play together at home.

    If at all possible get each person their own instrument. There’s just something very personal about having your own instrument that makes us take the learning process a bit more seriously.

    How long will it take each person to learn? As always, that depends on how badly each person really wants it.

    There may be something in this post to help and encourage you:

    Rock on, Girls!

  • Pastilan

    The guitar is harder to play than the piano but it is easier to learn the guitar when you try to learn it on your own. It is better to learn the guitar on your own, all you need or your children need to do is find a lot of resources in the internet. First they need to learn how to read tablatures (it will take you 5 minutes to learn to read it. There are tons of tablatures for popular songs you can download from the internet so it would be easy to learn to play your favorite band’s music. There is also a very good software that could play tablatures and it sounds like real guitar. Your children can learn playing guitar with this software than any human teacher could. The name of the software is Guitar Pro. This software is not meant for learning to play the guitar but for writing guitar parts and playing GP tabs. But if you use it to learn to play guitar it is very effective. Oh I’ve written too long 😛

  • clair

    Thanks for the advice. Learning it on our one is sure going to take lots of determination and discipline. We won’t be able to make a decision till after Raine, my older dd, finishes her school exams.

    Yeah, thanks man 😀 .

    Great advice, thank you. My first option would be to try and learn it off the net. If it doesn’t work out, we might sign up for classes. But I’ll definitely want to check out the net first, as you suggested.