one of each

McDonald’s has two new flavors of McFlurry, Mudpie and Berries. Steev was standing in line to order.

The situation was quite chaotic at the takeout counter because the two servers were temps who didn’t have a clue how to handle lines.

Finally it was our turn.

Server (signaling to Steev): Yes?

Steev (pointing to signboard): McFlurry, one of each.

Server (leaning across counter): Yes?

Steev (pointing to signboard): McFlurry, one of each.

Server: What flavor?

Steev: One of each.

By now, it’s quite obvious this very simple expression is lost on our two teenaged servers (one of the girls goes to Raine’s school)!!

Me: One Mudpie, one Berries.

That’s what they needed to hear! The exact words. No phrases, expressions or indirect references please!

And people are still fighting for less English to be used in the school curriculum!

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