of cheap thrills and engine oil

I came this close to burning up my car engine today. Well, not quite but I saw the oil icon flashing on my dashboard yesterday and wondered, what now?

I’m pretty good at checking my battery water and topping it up regularly. But I almost never check the engine oil because I have problems shoving the dip stick back in after I’m done checking. So I just conveniently never check it.

Anyways, this morning, I decided to swing by my mechanic’s to have him take a look at that red flashing. Actually I could’ve looked it up in my owner’s manual but I was on my way back from sending Steev to college so…

Turned out I was almost out of engine oil!! I was faintly amused but my mechanic wasn’t. He’s an alarmist and a bit of a male chauvinist pig, always trying to scare me just because he thinks I’m a helpless woman driver, like I’m going to burst into tears or something 😆 .

What to do? I don’t have a DH who faithfully checks my car for me, so I have to get under the hood myself. Then again, I’m something of a tomboy. I get a cheap thrill from getting my fingers all black and greasy, even when I have nail polish on 😛 .

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