the inquisition

I ran into a whole bunch of my tai-tai (aka ladies of leisure) friends while out at breakfast with my girl friend (who is not a tai-tai).

I love my tai-tai friends. They’re the ones who can tell me where to get the freshest veggies, how to brew herbal soups,  how to spy on my hubby (think I’ll wait for the book) and they can make the darnest traditional Chinese stuff like bachang (glutinous rice dumplings) and mooncakes, all from scratch.

The thing that really scares me though are their organized home invasions visits when they go through my home inch by inch, flipping every drawer and cupboard, inspecting everything that’s inside, from my crockpot to my underwear, all without a search warrant.

Back to me bumping into them at breakfast. A few of them instantly pounced on me and started interrogating me as to how I’ve managed to stay so slim even after I quit dancing (I used to be in the same dance class). As if I was ever fat before πŸ˜› ?

But never mind that, the machine gun fire of questions has started and they’ll never let me off without answers. So I’d better start coughing some up, pronto.

So how come you’re still so slim? Um, exercise. What kind of exercise? Um, I walk. Where? Morning or evening? How many kilometers? With your kids or alone? Bang, bang, bang *shielding my head*

Gimme a break, is this the Spanish Inquisition? So many questions, so much rhetoric! *squirm* Think I should take up jogging or kungfu instead.

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  • clair

    πŸ˜† Yes, martial arts to fend off their questions, or jogging to get the heck out of their line of questioning. I’m beginning to love the way this is going.

  • mommy to chumsy

    oh man i would flip if my friends come to my home and inspect πŸ™„ luckily they were commenting how slim you are and not inspecting your body and try to find some negative things to say πŸ˜€

    hey, your DH is one lucky fella. The PS3 is sold out everywhere. So are you also addicted to it?


    heheh, i have a friend who is like dat, inspecting everything, opening up drawers and always so inquisitive and invasive. She is very open and tell off all her secrets and expect the whole world to do the same!! kekeke You have got a BUNCH of them, good luck! πŸ˜›