three doors down!

I met my neighbor. for the first time. in all the years that she and I have been living 3 doors away from each other. Can you believe that? I mean, we know each other on sight and have been waving as we drove past each other, or from a distance at the gas station.

But we’ve never spoken. until today. when we again waved at each other from our front gates as we were getting our kids into the car. As she drove past my house, she slowed down, then stopped and wound down her window.

I opened my car door and we started talking. for the first time! How cool is that! She’s such a nice lady I wish we’d spoken earlier. We’re both so busy running Mom’s taxi I don’t think it even occurred to us to stop and chat.

But it was great. I really wish we’d met sooner, and I sure look forward to seeing her around and finding out her name 😆 . What do you think? Do you have a neighbor you’ve never met?

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  • Carol

    I’ve met all the neighbors on my street. There is one I’d like to get to know better, though.

    What stops us from just walking a hundred yards and knocking on a door with a loaf of banana bread or something and saying, “Hi! I just baked a couple of loafs and wanted to share. Please come by some time for a visit?”

    Must be the hundred yards, right?

  • Melinda

    Wow, that’s cool. I have a neighbor directly across the street that I have never met. We’ve lived here for over 5 years! Hard to believe. They are two guys (partners if ya know what I mean) and they just don’t bother with anyone. I would like to know who they are. It’s weird to know that I don’t hardly even know what they look like…they step out briefly and then hide back in their house.

  • clair

    Yep, I have those types of neighbors too, the ones who don’t want to bother with anyone.

    Shame, isn’t it? Most of my neighbors are really nice people too except for a few who’d rather not know anyone.