busy Saturday

Yep, celebrate we must so we decided to go to KFC since the kids have been hounding me to go there like forever, and I’ve been telling them it’s too fattening heaty.

But we got there after 7pm by which time the place was brimming with the buka puasa crowd. We went to Peranakan Place and it was also packed.

So we wound up at Esquire Kitchen to eat the kids’ favorite wo tip (pot stickers). Plenty of tables there as the place was only half-full.

We didn’t stick around to do any window-shopping afterwards though I was tempted as usual. I’d already spent the whole morning grocery-shopping like a crazy woman.

Same story every weekend because I have to have enough food for homecooked meals as well as enough food in the fridge for the kids to raid all school week. Feeding 3 teens is like feeding 3 horses, I’m not kidding 😛 .

Thankfully I don’t have to go to the wet market. Either my aunt or my neighbor does that for me. I just have to get the stuff for my Western lunches like milk, bread, potatoes, pasta, deli meat… and biscuits or snacks for Skye’s recess.

Skye’s the only one who eats during recess now. Raine doesn’t any more and Steev practically never has in his entire school life. My kids don’t eat canteen food (never have, in fact), too many flies 😆 and it isn’t exactly very healthy or appetizing.

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