exam’s over, celebrate we must

Woo-hoo, Skye is done with her upsr exam. This means my baby is done with primary school. This also officially makes her a teenager going to secondary (high) school next year. Not that she hasn’t already been acting like a teenager under the influence of her older brother and sister 😆 .

With the exams over, I can at least go back to cooking some of our favorite fried foods like butterfly wontons and spring rolls. We’ve been avoiding those because of the heatiness.

Instead I’ve been preparing stuff like leen chee tong sui, or lotus seed soup with gingko nuts. Gingko is supposedly brain food but most kids balk at it. Mine won’t eat it unless I threaten them 😆 .

So now that the exams are over for Skye, she wants to celebrate her newfound freedom from books. Why do I get the feeling more food is on the agenda 😉 ??

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