why I carry such big bags

Since the kids were little, I’ve been lugging around one oversized tote bag after another simply because it’s big enough for the kids’ things as well as my own stuff.

When they were younger, I carried their milk formula, water bottles, toys and spare disposable diapers in my tote. I never carried a handbag. Too much hassle, already dizzy trying to juggle baby, toddlers, stroller, tote bag, shopping bags 😆 .

The one thing I always carried in my tote bag then, and yes, even now is my little bag of medical supplies. I use a freebie cosmetic pouch for my minyak angin (a cooling medicated oil which is great for headaches, insect bites), Panadols, Band-Aid plasters and mosquito repellent.

I feel much safer knowing I have these few things with me just in case. I should probably throw in a couple of safety pins as well. Just recently, I had a button pop off my shirt while we were out shopping.

I went into a few clothing shops to ask for a safety pin, just one safety pin and no one had any to spare me. Very sad! But I guess it made some guys happy to see this woman with an unbuttoned shirt 😆 .

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